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Hi I am Liz and I teach Sing and Sign classes in Malvern, Worcester and Ledbury.


I have been teaching Sing and Sign since 2006 and I love it! I began signing with my youngest daughter Phoebe when she was 6 months old, it was wonderful and within a few weeks she was able to sign that she wanted her milk. Soon she could sign that she wanted more, that she needed her nappy changed or she wanted a bath. Phoebe used lots of animal signs and really enjoyed reading books with her daddy and signing what the animals were. The first time she signed 'goodnight' to me I cried.

We didn't experience any of the usual tantrums of two year olds, Phoebe always managed to get her point across so I feel that Sing and Sign has really helped her communication skills. Phoebe is now at school and her speech is wonderful, she has a fantastic vocabulary and is very confident and chatty, she also loves to sing and dance. Her reading is also coming along very nicely and I feel that signing has helped with this.

I love teaching Sing and Sign, it is great knowing that I am helping other parents to experience the joy of having their little ones communicate with them from an early age, it is wonderful how much they learn and how much they have to say. We have lots of fun in class and I look forward to seeing the babies each week to find out what they have been telling their families.

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You can contact me on 01684-893099 or

email me at


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Sing and Sign.